Fitbit's App Prepares to Integrate with Pixel 8 Pro's Thermometer

Fitbit is gearing up to integrate with the Pixel 8 Pro's unique built-in thermometer feature, offering users a convenient way to track their temperature alongside other health and fitness data. This integration, discovered through app decompilation, allows Pixel 8 Pro users to automatically share temperature readings with their Fitbit app, providing a comprehensive picture of their overall health.

While the Pixel 8 Pro's thermometer currently only measures the surface temperature of objects, Google has already submitted an application to the FDA to enable body temperature readings. Once approved, users will be able to leverage the Fitbit app for comprehensive temperature monitoring.

This integration seamlessly merges the capabilities of two popular platforms, enhancing the value proposition of both. Pixel 8 Pro users can benefit from Fitbit's advanced health tracking features, while Fitbit expands its functionality by incorporating temperature data into its holistic health analysis.

The integration requires users to upgrade to Google Account sign-in within the Fitbit app. Once activated, temperature readings taken with the Pixel 8 Pro's thermometer will automatically appear in the Fitbit app, where users can track their temperature over time with intuitive graphs.

This collaboration between Google and Fitbit marks a significant step forward in the realm of personalized health monitoring. By providing users with a seamless and accessible way to track their temperature, it empowers them to gain deeper insights into their well-being and make informed decisions regarding their health.

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