YouTuber plans lawsuit against Ubisoft for ‘The Crew’ server closure

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A YouTuber is planning a class-action lawsuit against Ubisoft for shutting down The Crew.

Ross Scott of the YouTube channel Accursed Farms has claimed in a video that the closure of servers for the racing game is a “grey area” in consumer law, one that he would like to change.

“I think the argument to make is that The Crew was sold under a perpetual license, not a subscription, so we were being sold a good, not a service,” Scott stated in a video (transcription provided by PCGamesN).

“The seller rendered the game unusable and deprived it of all value after the point of sale. It’s possible that argument won’t hold up either, in which case I think there’s no possible way to stop this practice, at least in the United States. But to the best of my knowledge, this angle has never been tested in court and might actually have some teeth.”

The Crew Motorfest. Credit: Ubisoft.
The Crew Motorfest. Credit: Ubisoft.

The Crew was delisted from all digital storefronts last year, with servers remaining online until March 31. However, once these servers are closed, the game will no longer be available in any form.

While Scott believes that a no-fault settlement could be offered, he stated that he wouldn’t accept this type of settlement.

“There is one settlement that I’d accept, which is to patch The Crew to make it playable without further support from the company. If they go that route, which I bet they won’t, then we have a procedure established for how to sue a company over the next big game shutdown.”

Ubisoft declined to comment on the matter.

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