AI reimagines ‘Breaking Bad’ with an all-female cast

'Breaking Bad'

Breaking Bad has been re-imagined with AI with an all-female cast. Check out the trailer below.

The AI video was generated by demonflyingfox and features some of the show’s most famous characters replaced with female characters.

Some of the characters also nod to other famous characters too – including one from Legally Blonde.

Check out the AI Breaking Bad video here:


The show’s writer and creator, Vince Gilligan, has previously spoken out about the dangers of AI to the creative industries, calling it a “giant plagiarism machine.”

Speaking about the dangers of AI to Variety last October, Gillian said: “When I first became aware of ChatGPT or whatever it’s called, it scared the living hell out of me. I thought, ‘We’re done for as a race.’ I don’t mean in the Terminator sense, like they’re going to start exterminating us. But who wants to live in a world where creativity is given over to machines? There goes my job. I had all those fears. And as the last six or nine months have progressed, I’ve somewhat kept abreast of this ‘marvel’ of AI. I think it’s a lot of horseshit.”

He continued: “It’s a giant plagiarism machine, in its current form. I think ChatGPT knows what it’s writing like a toaster knows that it’s making toast. There’s no intelligence — it’s a marvel of marketing. It may well become sentient and truly intelligent. Down the line there may be a moment of singularity where it actually becomes a threat, but right now it’s just a plagiarism machine. It’s a bunch of billionaires trying to become trillionaires by selling this thing as some kind of momentous sea change. It certainly will have its uses in writing legal briefs and stuff like that, but I don’t think it’s going to take over for writers of fiction.”

Gillian also discussed the possible chances of getting a spin-off about Walt Jr in the future last year.

Speaking to Variety, Gilligan said he often thinks about the characters and what they might be up to now and discussed some possible spin-off ideas for the show – including one about Walter White’s (played by Bryan Cranston) son in the show, Walt Jr (RJ Mitte).

He said: “Every now and then I find myself thinking about those characters, daydreaming about what would have happened to them. Anna Gunn [who played Walt’s wife, Skyler] and RJ Mitte are such wonderful people playing such interesting roles that I can’t help but want a happy ending for them.”

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