Walking Dead: Betrayal Bites the Dust on Steam, Players Get Refunds

The Walking Dead Betrayal key art

Fans of "The Walking Dead" were met with a surprising announcement this week, as Skybound Games and Other Ocean Interactive confirmed the closure of the online multiplayer game "Walking Dead: Betrayal." The game, which launched in Early Access on Steam in September 2023, failed to gain the traction needed to sustain a healthy community.

In a statement on the game's Steam page, the developers expressed their disappointment in not being able to build the "spirited community of backstabbers" they envisioned. "Despite the hard work put into the game, we were not able to find a path forward," the statement read.

As a gesture of goodwill, all players who purchased "Walking Dead: Betrayal" will receive a full refund, regardless of their play time. Steam users can initiate the refund process directly through the platform, while those who bought the game elsewhere will need to contact their respective retailers.

The closure of "Walking Dead: Betrayal" marks another setback for the franchise in 2023. Earlier this year, Telltale Games' "The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners" Chapter 2: Retribution was canceled due to "unforeseen circumstances."

Despite these recent disappointments, "The Walking Dead" remains a popular intellectual property with a dedicated fanbase. Skybound Games has assured fans that they are committed to bringing "more awesome The Walking Dead experiences" in the future.

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