Twitter (X) Undergoes Minimal Optimization for Pixel Tablet & Fold, Addressing Black Bars

Twitter (X), the revamped version of the popular social media platform, has finally received a modest optimization for the latest Google Pixel Tablet and Pixel Fold devices. While the update doesn't entirely resolve the issue of black bars flanking the app, it marks a step forward in enhancing the tablet experience.
Prior to this update, Twitter (X) displayed on Pixel Tablet and Pixel Fold with unsightly black bars on either side, marring the overall viewing experience. The update, which is widely available with Twitter/X v10.18.0, resolves this issue by spanning the full width of the display without stretching content across the whole width. Instead, content is held within a reasonably sized portion in the middle of the screen.

This minimal optimization may seem underwhelming, but it's a welcome improvement for users who rely on these tablets for accessing Twitter. While a full-fledged tablet optimization would provide a more immersive and visually appealing experience, the current update at least addresses the glaring black bars that previously plagued the app.

Twitter's decision to prioritize optimization for Pixel Tablet and Pixel Fold stems from the growing demand for tablet-specific experiences. With the emergence of high-end tablets from leading manufacturers, users are increasingly seeking apps that cater to their larger screens and provide a more tailored experience.

While Twitter (X)'s current optimization falls short of expectations, it indicates the platform's recognition of the tablet market's rising significance. The app's developers are likely to continue refining and expanding its tablet capabilities in the near future, providing users with a more seamless and engaging experience on their larger devices.

As tablet technology continues to evolve, demand for optimized apps will undoubtedly grow. Twitter (X)'s incremental update demonstrates the platform's commitment to addressing this demand, even if it's not a full-fledged solution yet. Users can expect further refinements and improvements in the future, paving the way for a more enriching Twitter experience on tablets.
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