Ken Decks the Halls! Ryan Gosling & Mark Ronson Gift Festive "I'm Just Ken"

Mark Ronson and Ryan Gosling

Hold onto your mistletoe, plastic pals! Ken himself, Ryan Gosling, has teamed up with music maestro Mark Ronson to gift the world a Christmas-ified version of the smash hit "I'm Just Ken." Just in time to top your holiday playlist, this festive revamp brings all the charm of Dreamhouse-worthy decorations and jingle bells to the original Barbie soundtrack tune.

Gosling's smooth vocals take on a playful yuletide spirit, swapping beach waves for snowy wonderlands as he redefines Ken's world – not just with six-pack abs and designer shades, but with gingerbread cookies and reindeer rides. Ronson's production glitters with sleigh bells and twinkling keyboard flourishes, while the lyrics weave in wintery cheer ("Sun-kissed tan is now a snowball fight, trading cabanas for a cozy night").

This isn't just a holiday one-hit wonder. The "Merry Kristmas Barbie" version sits alongside an "In My Feelings Acoustic" and a pulsating "Purple Disco Machine Remix" on the newly released "Ken The EP." It's a plastic-tastic stocking stuffer for fans of the chart-topping film and those seeking a fresh spin on seasonal tunes.

So grab your hottest cocoa, crank up the volume, and let "Merry Kristmas Barbie" unwrap your inner Ken this holiday season. Remember, it's not just about the perfect smile and hair – it's about spreading joy and celebrating the season with a sprinkle of plastic fantastic fun.

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