Advocate Challenges Death Penalty Provision in Bangladesh, Citing International Law

Bangladesh's death penalty provision faces a legal challenge at the High Court, with a lawyer arguing that it contradicts international law. Advocate Ishrat Hasan filed a writ petition on Thursday, calling for the capital punishment provision in the Penal Code to be struck down.The petition argues that Bangladesh, as a signatory to an international law banning the death penalty, should follow suit and abolish the practice. It also points to the growing trend of abolishing capital punishment worldwide, citing 112 countries that have already done so.

Neighboring countries like Bhutan and Nepal have also discontinued the death penalty, further strengthening the argument for its abolishment in Bangladesh.

Advocate Hasan expressed hope that the Supreme Court will hear the petition soon, although the upcoming two-week court break, starting December 19th, may delay the proceedings.

This legal challenge marks a significant step towards potentially abolishing the death penalty in Bangladesh. The court's decision will be closely watched by legal experts and human rights activists across the country.

Keywords: death penalty, Bangladesh, Supreme Court, Ishrat Hasan, writ petition, international law, abolition, Bhutan, Nepal, human rights
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