Bomb Blast Suspect, Jubo Dal Leader, Arrested in Bangladesh Unrest

Dhaka, Bangladesh: Authorities in Bangladesh have apprehended a prominent Jubo Dal leader, a youth wing of the opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), on charges of manufacturing and distributing hundreds of explosives during recent nationwide blockades. Police allege the suspect, identified only as Mukit, is responsible for crafting and supplying over 400 crude bombs used during the ongoing political turmoil.

Mukit's arrest stems from investigations into a blast at the Dhaka Metropolitan Judges Court premises last month. Authorities claim he provided the bomb used in the attack, which injured several individuals. Further probes revealed Mukit's alleged involvement in producing and disseminating these dangerous devices throughout the city, fueling unrest amidst the BNP's blockade protests.

"Mukit operated under the direction of Jubo Dal president Sultan Salahuddin Tuku," declared Harunur Rashid, Dhaka Metropolitan Police's Detective Branch chief. "He received 10kg of gunpowder just before the October 28th rally, subsequently manufacturing bombs distributed to local Jubo Dal units."

The BNP, led by exiled chief Tarique Rahman, has been staging nationwide blockades demanding fresh elections since losing the 2014 polls. These protests have often turned violent, with clashes between party activists and law enforcement leading to injuries and fatalities. The use of crude bombs has become a concerning trend, raising fears of escalating violence and instability.

Mukit's arrest marks a significant development in the ongoing investigations into the blockade-related unrest. Bangladesh authorities vow to continue cracking down on individuals found instigating violence and endangering public safety. However, the BNP maintains its innocence, accusing the government of fabricating charges to silence dissent.

With tensions soaring and elections approaching, Bangladesh faces a precarious political landscape. Mukit's case represents a crucial juncture in the fight against violence and the quest for a peaceful resolution to the current political crisis.

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