Google Play Movies & TV apps go away for good in January, already dead on Android TV

Attention, movie and TV show enthusiasts! The Google Play Movies & TV app is shutting down for good, starting in January 2024. This closure impacts both Android TV users and other platforms. But fret not, your purchased content is safe!

Android TV Users:

For Android TV users, the app has already been decommissioned since October 2023. However, accessing your content remains easy. You can access your purchases through the "Shop" tab on your Android TV device.

Other Platforms:

Starting January 17, 2024, the Google Play Movies & TV app will cease to function on all other platforms, including the Google Play website, select cable boxes, and the web. Fear not, you won't lose your library! Here's where you can access your purchased content:
  • Android TV and Google TV devices: Use the "Shop" tab on your device.
  • Google TV mobile app (Android and iOS): Download and log in to the app to find your library.
  • YouTube: In some countries, YouTube serves as the new hub for watching your purchased movies and shows.

Additional Notes:
  • Active rentals will remain accessible until their expiration date.
  • Google Play Movies & TV gift cards will still be valid for purchases through the Google TV app and website.

Looking Forward:

While the closure of the Google Play Movies & TV app marks an end, it also signifies a new beginning. Google is consolidating its streaming platforms under the Google TV brand, offering a more streamlined and unified experience.

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