Docs Gets Smart: New @ Button Unleashes AI Magic!

Hold onto your keyboards, document warriors! Google Docs just got a major upgrade with the arrival of the @ button. This seemingly simple addition packs a punch, unlocking the full potential of Smart Chips, Google's AI-powered helpers. 🀯

Gone are the days of manually searching for files, contacts, or even equations. Simply type "@" and watch the magic unfold. Docs will suggest relevant Smart Chips, saving you precious time and effort. Want to insert a colleague's contact? A quick "@John" brings up their info card, ready to be added. Need to add a dynamic chart? "@chart" whisks you to the perfect visualization tool. πŸ“ˆ

But the @ button's power goes beyond basic tasks. Connect your writing to the real world with "@stock" to pull in live market data, or "@translate" to break language barriers. 🌎 Docs becomes your one-stop shop for research, collaboration, and creativity, all thanks to the @ button's AI smarts.

So, ditch the clunky menus and embrace the future of document creation. Start using the @ button in Google Docs today and experience the magic of Smart Chips! πŸš€
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