Gmail Users Face Second Day of Email Delays: What to Know and How to Cope

Millions of Gmail users woke up to a second day of email delivery delays, causing frustration and disruption across the globe. While the issue appears less widespread than yesterday's, some users are still experiencing delays in sending and receiving messages.What's Happening?

According to Google, the latest email delays primarily affect users whose messages are routed through US-based servers. This issue began on December 1st and has persisted for over 24 hours.

How Long Will the Delays Last?

Google's engineering team is actively working to resolve the issue. While there is no confirmed timeline for a solution, Google provided the following update:
"Our engineers are seeing positive signs of recovery and are actively monitoring the situation to ensure a full system restoration."
What Should You Do?

Currently, no action is required from users unless their emails bounce back. If you are experiencing delays, don't panic! You can try the following:
  • Refresh your Gmail inbox: Sometimes a simple refresh can resolve the issue.
  • Check your internet connection: Ensure your internet connection is stable and functioning properly.
  • Resend emails that bounce back: If an email fails to deliver, wait a while and try resending it.
  • Stay updated: Follow Google's official channels for the latest information and updates on the issue.
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