BNP Urges Mass Non-Cooperation Against Government Amidst Pre-Election Protests

The Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) has intensified its anti-government protests ahead of the upcoming January 7 elections, calling upon the people to engage in mass non-cooperation measures to pressure the administration.

In a recent human-chain protest held on Human Rights Day, BNP leader Selima Rahman urged citizens to participate in the movement by closing their businesses, canceling overseas trips, and scaling down wedding celebrations.

"Don't participate in anything with the government," Rahman asserted. "Keep your shops shut, stop travelling abroad, and scale down wedding parties."

She highlighted the plight of BNP leaders and activists who are forced to remain in hiding to avoid arrest, expressing solidarity with their struggle.

"Let's think about them and get united," Rahman urged. "Then you'll see that the people will soon bring this fascist government down."

The BNP's calls for non-cooperation have gained momentum across the country, with similar protests being organized by like-minded opposition groups and allies.

As the January 7 polls approach, political tensions are escalating, with the BNP maintaining its stance of boycotting the elections unless the Awami League government steps down.

The party's nationwide transport blockade, which was enforced in the wake of violent clashes with police during an anti-government rally in Dhaka on October 28, has come to an end.

However, the BNP has announced plans for another round of blockades, scheduled to begin on Tuesday.

The BNP's non-cooperation movement reflects the growing frustration among the Bangladeshi people, who are dissatisfied with the current government's handling of the country's affairs.

The party's call for nationwide boycotts and scaled-down celebrations is a powerful gesture of defiance, aimed at sending a clear message to the government that its actions are not acceptable.

As the pre-election period intensifies, it remains to be seen whether the BNP's non-cooperation movement will succeed in pressuring the government to change its course.
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