Unveiling the Hidden Legend: Link's Surprising Cameo in Super Mario RPG Remake

Super Mario RPG Remake has taken Nintendo Switch players by storm, delivering a captivating blend of nostalgic gameplay and an engrossing storyline. This beloved rendition holds a special treat for fans – a guest appearance by the legendary hero Link from The Legend of Zelda. While Link isn't the only iconic character to grace the game, his inclusion adds a layer of excitement for enthusiasts of both franchises.

Unveiling Link amidst the adventures of Super Mario RPG Remake requires a bit of effort. To unlock this hidden gem, players must advance through the main narrative and vanquish Bowyer in the forest maze near Rose Town. After Bowyer's defeat and Geno the Puppet's recruitment, a new opportunity arises.

The journey continues as players acquire the second star, which restores harmony to Rose Town. During their exploration, they'll encounter the inn, where a grateful "mother of the child" awaits them. As a token of appreciation for saving the town, she offers a complimentary night's stay. Accepting this generous offer leads to an unexpected discovery.

Upon resting in the inn, players awaken in a room adjacent to Link himself. The stoic hero slumbers peacefully in his bed, an enigmatic presence. Unfortunately, interacting with Link or adding him to the party is impossible. However, approaching him triggers the familiar Secret Sound music, a recognizable tune for Zelda fans, evoking memories of uncovering secrets in the epic adventure.

Though brief, Link's appearance in Super Mario RPG Remake adds a delightful dose of cross-franchise nostalgia. It serves as a tribute to The Legend of Zelda's enduring legacy and a testament to the tight-knit Nintendo gaming community. As players embark on this captivating remake, encountering Link is a subtle yet meaningful moment that elevates the overall experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I recruit Link to my party in Super Mario RPG Remake?

A: Unfortunately, players cannot interact with Link beyond witnessing his presence in the game. He remains a silent observer of the unfolding adventure.

Q: Is the Link cameo available from the start of the game?

A: No, players must progress through the main story and defeat Bowyer before encountering Link in the Inn.

Q: Are there any gameplay benefits to interacting with Link?

A: While players can't directly interact with Link, approaching him triggers the iconic Secret Sound music, a delightful nod to Zelda's unlock mechanics.

Additional Insights

  • Link's cameo in Super Mario RPG Remake is a delightful surprise for fans of both franchises.
  • The brief encounter adds a touch of nostalgia and enhances the overall gaming experience.
  • While Link cannot be recruited to the party, his presence serves as a tribute to The Legend of Zelda's legacy.

We hope this guide has helped you uncover the hidden secrets of Super Mario RPG Remake and appreciate the special nod to Link's legendary adventures.

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