Newsmax+ Launches Paid Streaming Service, Transforming the Way Americans Consume News

In a groundbreaking move, Newsmax is set to redefine the landscape of news consumption in the United States with the launch of its dedicated streaming service, Newsmax+. Starting November 1st, 2023, this service will replace the current free-to-watch Newsmax TV, shifting the live feed behind a paywall. This decision, driven by the need to navigate complex cable agreements and bolster its offerings, is set to provide subscribers with an array of exclusive content and programming.

Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy emphasized the importance of offering Newsmax enthusiasts even more content that can be streamed conveniently at home or on their mobile devices. "Subscribers will get all the breaking news, expert analysis, and commentary from Newsmax's renowned contributors and pundits that you can't find anywhere else," Ruddy noted.

The move to introduce Newsmax+ comes after earlier this year when Newsmax disappeared from DIRECTV due to various reasons, including its free stream. To prevent similar issues in the future, Newsmax is pivoting away from the free live feed while ensuring there is still a free feed available, named Newsmax2, to cater to viewers who prefer not to subscribe to the paid service.

Newsmax+ aims to be easily accessible to viewers, available on and various popular streaming players, such as Roku. Subscribers can access the service for a monthly fee of $4.99, or they have the option to save by prepaying for a year at $49.99.

The subscription comes with a wealth of content, making it a compelling option for news enthusiasts. Subscribers can expect an array of documentaries covering topics such as the presidencies of Donald Trump and Joe Biden, faith in America, the rise of woke culture, and more. Additionally, the platform will offer programs focusing on the founding of America, the Civil War, and the legacies of past Presidents like Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Ronald Reagan, as well as in-depth coverage of World War II.

Newsmax+ is not just about news; it also promises to bring laughter and entertainment into the mix with comedy documentaries featuring legends like Bob Hope and Don Rickles. Moreover, the service will offer special briefings from top newsmakers in the worlds of politics, health, and finance, ensuring subscribers are well-informed on a wide range of critical issues.

With the launch of Newsmax+, Newsmax is poised to reshape the way Americans access and engage with news content. This bold move not only adapts to the evolving media landscape but also offers subscribers an extensive and diverse range of exclusive content, making it a compelling choice for news enthusiasts. As the news industry continues to evolve, Newsmax+ is a testament to the network's commitment to delivering quality journalism in an accessible and convenient manner.
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