Moitra Taunts Ethics Panel as 'Scared' Modi Delays Report on 'Unethical Conduct'


Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Moitra has launched a scathing attack on the Parliamentary ethics panel, accusing it of being "scared" and delaying the adoption of a draft report on her alleged "unethical conduct."

Moitra's remarks come as the ethics panel, headed by BJP's Vinod Kumar Sonkar, postponed its meeting to adopt the draft report from November 7 to November 9. The panel is investigating allegations that Moitra took bribes to pose questions at the Lok Sabha against businessman Gautam Adani.

In a tweet, Moitra said, "No draft report circulated as is norm but will be 'adopted' on Nov 9. Mtng postponed to clash with INC MP's nomination date so he can't come. BJP calling allies to ensure attendance to adopt via majority. Chartered flight to fly in MP state prez. How scared Adani & Modi are!"

Moitra's comments are a clear sign of her frustration with the ethics panel's handling of the case. She has previously accused the panel of conducting a "kangaroo court" and of being biased against her.

The ethics panel's delay in adopting the draft report has also raised eyebrows. Some have speculated that the delay is a deliberate attempt to avoid taking action against Moitra, who is a vocal critic of the Modi government.

The allegations against Moitra stem from a complaint filed by BJP MP Nishikant Dubey in October 2023. Dubey alleged that Moitra had taken money from Dubai-based businessman Darshan Hiranandani in exchange for raising questions in Parliament that were aimed at targeting Adani.

Moitra has denied all allegations, saying that she has never taken any bribes. She has also said that she shared her Lok Sabha log-in details with Hiranandani as a matter of convenience, but that she never asked him to raise any questions on her behalf.

The ethics panel's decision on Moitra's case is expected to have significant implications. If the panel finds Moitra guilty of unethical conduct, she could be suspended from Parliament.

The case is also being watched closely by the business community, as it could have implications for Adani Group, which is one of India's largest conglomerates.

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