Can an Android phone be unrooted without factory resetting it?

In the realm of Android customization, rooting has become a popular practice, granting users elevated privileges to modify their devices beyond the manufacturer's limitations. However, when it comes to unrooting, the question often arises: is a factory reset an inevitable step? The answer is a comforting no. While a factory reset is a guaranteed method to undo root access, it's not the only option. Let's delve into the world of unrooting and explore the alternatives to a complete wipe.
Unrooting Methods: Bypassing the Factory Reset
  • SuperSU Unroot: SuperSU, a popular root management app, offers a built-in unrooting feature. Simply launch the app, navigate to the "Settings" menu, and select "Unroot." This method is straightforward and often effective.
  • Dedicated Unroot Tools: Several dedicated unrooting tools are available, such as Universal Unroot and Triangle Away. These tools typically work by flashing the stock firmware, effectively replacing the rooted system with the original unrooted version.
  • Manual Unrooting: For those comfortable with technical procedures, manual unrooting is an option. This involves identifying and deleting the root files responsible for root access. However, it's crucial to proceed with caution, as any errors could render the device unusable.

Considerations Before Unrooting
  • Backup Your Data: Before attempting any unrooting method, ensure your important data is backed up. Unrooting processes may cause data loss, and a backup ensures you don't lose valuable files.
  • Choose the Right Method: Select the unrooting method that suits your technical expertise. If you're not comfortable with manual procedures, opt for SuperSU or a dedicated unrooting tool.
  • Follow Instructions Carefully: Adhere strictly to the instructions provided for the chosen unrooting method. Any deviations could lead to complications.


Unrooting an Android phone without a factory reset is certainly achievable, offering users the freedom to regain control of their device without sacrificing their data. By employing the appropriate method and exercising caution, you can safely unroot your Android phone and restore it to its unrooted state.
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