AI Girlfriend Service Goes Offline After CEO Arrested for Arson

Thousands of people have lost access to their AI girlfriends after the CEO of a company that created them was arrested for arson.

John Meyer, the CEO of Forever Voices, was arrested in October after he allegedly set boxes on fire on the balcony of his high-rise apartment in Austin, Texas. He was charged with arson and terroristic threats and his bond was set at $120,000.

Forever Voices offered users the chance to "chat" with an assortment of influencers and adult stars on Telegram through AI technology. One popular account was for Snapchat influencer Caryn Marjorie, who charged $1 per minute for fans to have conversations with her CarynAI chatbot.

According to tech website 404Media, users have not been able to access CarynAI, or the company's other chatbots, since Meyer's arrest in October.

Forever Voices made waves when it announced its AI chatbots, which were marketed as a way to "satisfy" fans and "cure loneliness." The service received backlash after users were able to engage in erotic conversations with the chatbots, which Marjorie said in June that it was not programmed to do so, though the "companion bots" are limited to users ages 18 and older.

On October 30, Marjorie announced she would be taking the service to BanterAI.

It is not clear if Forever Voices is expected to return to operation.

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