Listen to The Voidz’ spooky new single ‘Flexorcist’

Julian Casablancas of The Voidz

The Voidz have shared their spooky new single ‘Flexorcist’ ahead of Halloween this weekend – listen to it below.

The new track from Julian Casablancas and co. is nearly six minutes long and sees the frontman sing of “graves lined-up across the hill“, “pistols at dawn” and “friendly face in the firing squad” atop a synthy, indie-pop leaning melody.

I guess I mighta – sounded a little crazy, maybe / I only think of things I shouldn’t do,” Casablancas sings on the off-kilter new single.

‘Flexorcist’ arrives with concept art featuring a spectral winged figure staring over a glowing city.

The track also comes ahead of the band’s “immersive” Halloween residency in Brooklyn this weekend.

The Voidz will be taking over the Murmrr Theatre for four nights from October 31 to November 3. The venue will be reopening its doors after three years. Any remaining tickets can be purchased here.

The band previously shared new single ‘Prophecy Of The Dragon’ earlier this year, their first since 2021’s ‘The Eternal Tao 2.0’. Before that, Daft Punk shared a previously unreleased song featuring The Voidz titled ‘Infinity Repeating’.

Speaking about ‘Prophecy Of The Dragon’ in a press statement earlier this year, the band shared: “The track started with a very simple question. What would it feel like if God whispered into your ear ‘You are my most magnificent creature’. What would that feeling sound like? What would its bass line be? With that, Beardo blew The Voidz conch shell, and we assembled from the various corners of the earth to which we had been summoned for previous quests.”

The band’s last LP release was 2018’s ‘Virtue’. In a four-star review of the band’s second albumNME shared: “The Voidz and Julian might not be the most predictable band to pin down, but there are at least some things that we’ve come to expect from them: whatever they do will be interesting, unusual and thought-provoking. On ‘Virtue’, they’ve hit the jackpot with a bonus ball – fun.”

Meanwhile, The Strokes performed at All Points East alongside Yeah Yeah Yeahs this summer.

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