Anger Foot gameplay trailer leaves no faces or doors unkicked

Anger Foot

Much to the chagrin of would-be kickers everywhere, Anger Foot was one of Devolver Digital's recently-delayed games. While we may have to wait until 2024 for the full experience, a new Anger Foot trailer is here to show more of the action. See what's going down in Shit City for more of what Free Lives is cooking up for PC.

We got our first look at the over-the-top gameplay of Anger Foot back in June 2022. Not much has changed since, and the world and enemies look as absurd as ever. As Devolver puts it, "Shit City is a disease and your foot is the cure." That's about as much of a logline as we need. It's very Hotline Miami in 3D with a big-ass boot, from the stylish visuals to the soundtrack. 

Screenshot via Devolver Digital

Kick, shoot, it's all in the mind

The devs are aiming for replayability with secrets and unlocks that let you tackle levels in different ways. These include new sneakers, weapons, and upgradable powers that make it easier to put the boot to the bizarre enemies on the streets. The Anger Foot trailer shows off a few locations, from sewers to run-down apartments. And yeah, enemies definitely won't find any sort of reprieve in the bathroom.  

Despite the extended wait, players have had a chance to check out a demo on Steam. There's still no release date in place, so we'll have to kick it until we find out when it's coming to PC. 

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